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CSI Chapter:


Welcome to CSI's Australian and New Zealand Chapter! This space is dedicated to local members to communicate, network, share and discover events, showcase work and techniques, and to be publicly discovered by producers and productions looking for work.

The feedback from fellow colourists encouraged the creation of this space - a space for local colourists, by local colourists. There is a want for the CSI to offer more for local members, and for membership fees to come back and enhance the offerings and events locally.

Our objective is to build a strong community, so we’d encourage feedback on what you’d like to see from your local chapter, including events, training sessions, hands on with new equipment, engagement with other societies including the ACS, NZCS and more.

We’re looking to build a detailed list of colourists from every state and territory, so please check your CSI member settings to make sure you’ve listed a business address otherwise the search filters will not work. With the updated details we’ll have a great community we can keep in touch with, and producers and production companies will be able to find local colourists too.

Thanks for being with us. We’re looking forward to building this community together.

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Warren Eagles, CSI

Jarryd Hall, CSI

Deidre "Dee" McCelland, CSI

Dave Gibson, CSI
New Zealand



The Australian Cinematographer Society and Colorist Society present:

HDR Shoot-to-Screen Weekend

2 days – 10 sessions

Members and Non-Members Welcome!

May 21-22

ACS HQ, North Sydney

"Don’t wait until you get your first HDR project before you start investigating HDR techniques and workflows. HDR for cinematographers and colorists involves a steep learning curve, so getting as much information, tips and tricks before you begin will give you the head start you need before landing your first project."

ACS / CSI members: Day pass $25, Weekend pass $50

Non-members: Day pass $50, Weekend pass $100


  • 1000 - Demystifying HDR Monitor Technology
  • Stuart Pointon, EIZO APAC
  • 1130 - Connecting Workflows
  • The Rebel Fleet 
  • 1300 - Lunch
  • 1330 - HDR for the Cinematographer and Colorist, What is the difference?
  • Ben Allan, Warren Eagles, Marcus Smith, Adam Eden
  • 1500 - Creating the Film effect, how far should we go?
  • Warren Eagles
  • 1630 - What are the cool HDR shows?
  • Panel discussion

  • 1000 -  From T-Stops to Nits: The Art Of Measuring Brightness
  • Ben Allan
  • 1130 - Colour Precise Remote 4K Streaming with Colorfront
  • Mojo Media Solutions, Stuart Monksfield 
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1330 - Creating a show LUT for studio productions
  • Marcus Smith
  • 1500 - Dolby Vision “Why I work in UHD Dolby Vision for all my projects"
  • Adam Eden
  • 1630 – Andrew Smith, Senior Post Production Representative, Amazon Studios, 

Thanks to sponsors:


First In-Person Get-Together at Eden Creative, 25 February 2021


Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears: Feature Film shot in Morocco and Melbourne Australia. Graded at Soundfirm in Melbourne with Director Tony Tilse and Cinematographer Roger Lanser ACS. Graded by chapter member Deidre McClelland CSI.

Halifax – Retribution: TV series just completed in January 2020. Shot in Melbourne, graded at Blue Post, Melbourne. Cinematographer Geoffrey Hall ACS. Graded by chapter member Deidre McClelland CSI.

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee: Feature Film shot in LA and Melbourne. Colour grade done at Blue Post, Melbourne. Director Dean Murphy, Cinematographer Roger Lanser ACS. Graded by chapter member Deidre McClelland CSI.

Graded remotely in Brisbane for Tanami in Edinburgh. These Royal Bank of Scotland TVCs went live during the Six Nations Rugby Championship 2020. Graded by chapter member Warren Eagles.

TVC: Hurstville Museum & Gallery: George River Artist in Residence program (2020). Shot and directed by Elder (HAUS PARTY) on the Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H with Atlas Orion Anamorphics and Canon EF 24-70 F/2.8L. Graded by chapter member Jarryd Hall CSI.

TVC: Australian Federal Police: International Missing Children’s Day (2019). Shot by George K Tyler on the Arri Alexa Mini. Graded by chapter member Jarryd Hall CSI.

The Rubens Performing Live for MTV Unplugged (2019): Recorded in Melbourne and graded by chapter member Jarryd Hall CSI.

Short: Trapped (2019): Shot on Kodak 16mm 5293, directed by Tony Bosch, shot by Neale Made. Shot in early nineties and was never finished until 2019. Mark Warner ASE picked it up and finished the edit. I spent two days after the grade doing extensive restoration and clean up. . Graded by chapter member Jarryd Hall CSI.

Forever First Love Trailer: Shot in the Philippines on the Alexa Mini. Director Luke Mayze. DP Shing-Fung Cheung. Produced by Janelle Rayner and Carmel Savage. Graded by chapter member Warren Eagles CSI.

Sky Sports - Summer 2020: Directed by Fredd Bobbsey - Bobbsey Twins From Homicide. Produced by Finch. Graded by chapter member Dave Gibson CSI.

Steinlager TokyoDry 90: Directed by Joel Kefali/Goodoil Films. Graded by chapter member Dave Gibson CSI.

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