CSI July 2016 Member Newsletter
July 2016
It's Your Society...and Your Newsletter

Hey, it’s Jim and Kevin from Colorist Society International.

Wow! CSI is celebrating its three-month anniversary — Our first quarter under our collective hats!

Our official launch day was Monday April 18, 2016 - Day 1 of NAB2016. Although, we told everyone at the Colorist Mixer the evening before NAB opened to watch for a big announcement the next day.

In the days and months leading up to the launch, we spent many, many long hours building a long runway. We always felt deep down that we would achieve liftoff — and we have! And CSI is in a steep climb. Translation: that’s very good — for colorists everywhere.

Getting to this point has been a long time coming. The color community has been talking about wanting — needing — a professional society for years. We decided to take the first step. We put together a strong framework upon which to build the Colorist Society. As the launch date was drawing closer, it was clear we needed more time. In the end, we decided to just go for it — and build the organization around the membership as we went.

Membership is climbing. In its first quarter CSI has 101 approved members, including fellows, full, alliance, associates, and corporate members. There are nearly 100 more applications being processed.

During our launch, Corporate Sponsors approached us to ask how they could participate. Bram Desmet, CEO of Flanders Scientific International, was the first to step up with a donation. He told us, Flanders Scientific isn’t a huge company, but we are all about supporting good causes and I can’t think of a more overlooked cause to date in this industry than a professional colorist society. To that end we want to help support CSI.

We appreciate Bram and FSI so very much. Following FSI’s lead, Blackmagic Design reached out to us and asked how they could participate. Both companies are now proudly listed on our "Friends of CSI" webpage. Kevin and I are currently negotiating with other major companies who have said a colorist organization like CSI is long overdue, and would like to participate.

However, it’s our distinguished members who make Colorist Society International.

CSI members are some of the best colorists working in the motion picture and television industries. Some of our luminaries include: Dale Grahn, Lou Levinson, Eric Whipp, Patrick Woodard, Catherine Pantazopoulos Diamant, Rebecca Goodeve. Mark Todd Osborne, and many, many more talented color artists.

Screen Credit, Social Media, etc...

IMDb now recognizes Colorist Society International. CSI is listed as a professional association alongside the America Society of Cinematographers (ASC), the Producers Guild of America (PGA), the Directors Guild of America (DGA), and the American Cinema Editors (ACE).

We are currently working with IMDb to add our C.S.I. acronym to the list of affiliations that you can select. Currently, if you wish to add CSI to your IMDb resume, you must type it in the field marked "Other" and click "add."

When it comes to your screen credit, we ask all our Full Members and Fellows to follow this style guide:

  • On Screen Credit: Your Name, C.S.I.

  • Social Media: Your Name, C.S.I.

  • When discussing Colorist Society International in print or online: CSI

Applicants, Associates, and Alliance Members are not entitled to use the C.S.I. suffix, but we ask them to ensure that the policy is adhered to.

Website Update and the Future

The internal forums are up and running. This is where you can discuss the things that matter. A place where we can share information, training tips, pay rates etc.

Future plans include:

  • A searchable by country database where full members have bios, including links to websites, reels etc.
  • An awards evening where colorists and related fields can be recognized for their work.
  • Spec Sheets and Contracts between colorists and vendors to facilitate how projects should be brought to the colorist, how they should be delivered, and conditions for the work and payment.

Another goal is to bring colorists together whenever possible. In June, Kevin was on a panel on HDR for a Jigsaw, and chaired a panel on color grading at the Media Show.

He will be at the HPA (UK) retreat July 13-14 hosting breakfast meetings each day, and tweeting from the conference @ColoristSociety.

More on the HPA retreat at: http://hollywoodpostalliance.org/?page_id=146592&mc_cid=0dff362854&mc_eid=3219bae676

Final Thoughts

One of our goals is to help the colorist achieve industry-wide recognition for the work that our members do in motion pictures, television,and all forms of media where we use our talents.

Members are also using the private directory to contact other professionals when looking to relocate, recruit or advise clients working in new territories.

CSI is still a baby, and needs nurturing. Our Members are all guardians and we look to you to steer us in our goals and priorities. Take advantage of the private member forums at coloristsociety.com to discuss, plan and suggest what CSI can do for you.

And last, but certainly not least, CSI has hired PR&me Public Relations to help us with news releases, and to help us in opening discussions with post-houses, studios, and other organizations.

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