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CSI Chapter:


Colorist Society members share concerns about being disseminated from the part-time colorist who only dabble in the craft and do occasional work. We (full time colorist with years of honing our craft) feel that certain clients are getting short-changed on the quality of work by the part-timers. Since anyone can claim to be a colorist, the "CSI" moniker of the Colorist Society stands for a craftsperson who has been vetted by their peers and will at minimum deliver an high quality images and service.

The New York Chapter members are diverse in their skill sets as are all in our field. Some are more Beauty and Composite oriented, some have stronger skills and workflows for episodic and longer form. We are in communication with each other and recommend work go to one person or another who might better accommodate the clients needs.

For details about The Colorist Society New York Chapter, contact Dario Bigi.

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