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CSI Member Newsletter
December 2017

Colorist Awards Proposal

“The question of awards for colorists by the Academy has been raised yet again with many varied responses. Some say that it is too early in the digital timing world to be thinking about awards. Others say it’s long overdue.”

Dale Grahn, CSI Fellow, weighs in on the issue of an industry-recognized colorist award.  From his years in the business, and the high standard he set for color timing, Dale writes, “Each craft has, over time, established the guidelines necessary to judge their own work.“

“Do we (colorists) need the approval of the Academy to show our contribution to the industry? How does the industry view color timing and color grading?”

Click through to read the rest of Dale’s POV, at

Dolby Vision HDR

by Robbie Carman, CSI

"HDR and more immersive sound is our future." So writes colorist Robbie Carman, CSI.

Robbie is owner-operator of DC Color located in Washington, DC, and recently hosted an evening showcasing his company's decision to install a Dolby Vision grading suite. Dolby was guest of honor for the evening, and was represented by two of its best: Tom McAndrew and Tom Graham.

Invited guests came from far and wide to see and hear the future. So, why did Robbie invest In Dolby Vision and why did he do it now?

Read more about Robbie's decision online at

Andy Minuth, CSI to FilmLight

FilmLight has recruited colorist Andy Minuth, CSI, to be the company's new Color Workflow Specialist. Originally from Germany, Andy brings a deep technical knowledge of image processing and color management.

While Andy will be based in FilmLight’s new office in Munich, he will have a global presence for the company, helping users develop unified color pipelines and enhance skills wherever they may be located.

"Customers need to know that we can have detailed conversations with them around workflows, color science and systems integration.

Congratulations Andy! 

The CSI Member Forum

Following suggestions from Pascal Novak, CSI, and a number of other Colorist Society International members, we have made changes to the member’s forums.

Effective immediately, the two previous private CSI Forums have now been amalgamated into one. All threads from the previous forums have been moved to the new CSI Member Forum, which is easily accessible from the header of each page once you sign into the website.

This initiative makes it easier for the different member levels to interact and we hope it will result in more discussions on the important topics that arise.

CSI aims to present a unified voice from the colorist community to our fellow professionals and to achieve that we need the privacy of the CSI Forum to discuss matters among ourselves.

The latest thread "Definition of the Role of the Colorist” is a good example.

The CSI Forum is open to Full, Alliance, Associate, and Corporate members. Check it out now, or if you are not already a member it is time to join us.

Thanks to Kevin Shawn, CSI for taking the initiative to make this happen.

FilmConvert to Friends of CSI

FilmConvert, the professional-grade film emulation and grain plugin for leading NLEs, is the latest company to become a supporter of Colorist Society International.

“FilmConvert believes in empowering filmmakers by creating tools to enhance the craft and artistry of colorists, cinematographers, and editors,” says John Parker, FilmConvert Senior Marketing Manager.

“We're proud to support the mission of the Colorist Society International and raise the achievements and recognition of colorists worldwide."

FilmConvert joins the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), Blackmagic Design, Divergent Media, Dolby, Flanders Scientific, and Snell Advanced Media who support the mission of Colorist Society International.

CSI members will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of FilmConvert. To get the discount code, log in to your CSI account where you will find it in the Member’s Forum.

The Blackmagic Effect

Blackmagic Design, a corporate sponsor of Colorist Society International, announced that more than 40 of the 2017 fall television and streaming series rely on its production and post-production products.

Users include DPs, DITs, VFX artists, online editors and colorists, including a number of CSI members:

  • Patrick Woodard, CSI, grades “American Housewife“ and “NCIS: Los Angeles” at DigitalFilm Tree.
  • Paul Allia, CSI, grades “Damnation" at Picture Shop.

DaVinci Resolve Studio has long been a staple for many post professionals. For example, according to Blackmagic Design, approximately 85 percent of the 140+ OTA, OTT, and cable series and shows posting at Deluxe’s Encore, Level 3, Company 3, and EFilm facilities use DaVinci Resolve Studio for color grading.

More details and information can found online here:

Colorist Podcast:
Patrick Woodard, CSI

“The current lineup of shows I’m doing don’t have an HDR delivery. But it’s so apparent that it’s right around the corner.”

Patrick Woodard, CSI, takes a break from his busy schedule color grading network shows like NCIS: Los Angeles to talk with Colorist Podcast host Josh Petok, CSI. Patrick opens up about his workflow, and how he got his start in the business.

Patrick describes what he calls, his "traditional style" of color grading, and how he’s getting ready for the future.

Listen in to the conversation here:

Getting Credit

It is not an understatement to say that Edgar Flores Ogarrio, CSI, had a great year.

A feature film that Edgar graded was nominated and won Best Color Correction at Mexico's Festival Pantalla de Cristal. "Los Crímenes de Mar del Norte" ("The Crimes of the North Sea") not only took home best color award, but also best Cinematography.

Edgar also received on-screen CSI credit.

Additionally, a documentary that Edgar graded was awarded the Golden Frog recently at Camerimage. "Potentiae" took home the prize in the Documentary Features competition.

And last, but not least, "Danzón," the 1991 film by Mario Novaro, and color restored by Edgar was screened at a gala affair in November in Los Angeles at The Academy.

Congratulations Edgar Flores Ogarrio, CSI.

IMDbPro Discount for All CSI Members

As part of the IMDbPro Affiliate Program, all members of Colorist Society International receive 25% off their IMDbPro membership.

To take advantage of this offer, you need to first get the CSI discount code.

Log into the CSI website, and look for the discount page under the Full Members and Alliance & Associates Menu dropdowns. If you have not completed your registration – now is the time to do so. The IMDbPro discount is available exclusively to all CSI members.

Once you have the CSI discount code, go to  Enter your email address and the exclusive CSI discount code.

Please note: Offers may not be combined and entering a new promo code will override any existing discount that has been applied to your account.  Promotional discounts will be applied at the start of your next billing cycle. This offer is limited to members of CSI and is non-transferable.

IMDbPro Recognition for Work Performed by CSI Colorists

It is important that you get your CSI screen credit, but it is also important that you be listed at as a CSI colorist.

IMDbPro, the leading information resource for the entertainment industry, has expanded its Guild Affiliations page to include professional digital colorists who are members of Colorist Society International.

This means that all CSI Full Members who work on productions listed at IMDb can now choose their CSI designation at the Guild Affiliations page of IMDbPro. This is reserved for CSI Full Members only.

Recognition by IMDb further helps to further solidify and promote the art and craft of color grading within the industry.

Flanders Scientific 5% Discount for CSI Members

The holiday season is approaching, and this would be a good time to make your holiday wish list and treat yourself.

Flanders Scientific, a key corporate sponsor of Colorist Society International, is offering a 5% discount for all CSI Members.

Bram Desmet, CEO and General Manager said: “Members of Colorist Society International may use the exclusive discount code at or This will entitle them to a 5% discount on any 1 item per year.

To get the 2017 FSI discount code, log into the CSI website, and look for the discount page under the Full Members and Alliance & Associates Menu dropdowns. The FSI discount is available to all CSI members.

CSI members need to ensure they only have a single item in the cart and apply the coupon to that. If you want to order accessories with the item you just need to place a separate order. FSI can still consolidate the shipment to save on shipping costs. If you have any questions – call or email FSI.

CSI Forums

Don’t forget there are two CSI forums.

If you are an associate or alliance member, the forum is a great place to ask questions or discuss things out of public view. There are some good forums out there, but sometimes it is better to discuss things among ourselves. Most recently, Roel Videler posted some helpful resources to the Associate forum. The main thread on the full member forum is a discussion on our goals and how to get there.

Both Member areas have exclusive CSI discounts, software suggestions, and download pages. If you have something to share, or something you are looking for use the forums or send it to

As always, we appreciate our sponsors (and hope to add more to the list).
Click on their logo to check out their offerings.



If you have news, photos, projects your working on, etc. that you would like to share with your CSI fellow members in future newsletters – send us an email at with all the details.

Happy Grading!

Best, Jim and Kevin

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