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CSI Member Newsletter
Summer - June/July 2017

CSI Exceeds 200 Members!

As we move into our second year of existence, it is extremely gratifying to know that memberships of all levels continue to grow faster and faster. That means those members that helped us get CSI started are still enthusiastic and are continuing their subscriptions. 

It also means that new members are seeing the strength in our numbers and joining the cause. You can help get the word out. When you meet or talk with other colorists, ask them if they have joined up yet, and if not why not. Surprisingly there are still many who have not heard about us. 

Currently we have over 150 full members, over 50 associate and alliance members and 4 sponsors. And we are just getting started...

SAM Joins Friends of CSI

Snell Advanced Media (SAM) becomes the latest member of the Friends of Colorist Society International.

Included in SAM’s multi-faceted business pipeline is color and finishing, including Rio which now provides collaborative/shared workflows with all media residing on IT Storage.

SAM joins a growing list of major companies that support Colorist Society International, including: Blackmagic Design, Divergent Media, Dolby, and Flanders Scientific, Inc.

Welcome to Snell Advanced Media for joining the Friends of CSI.

Cinematographers & Colorists: Building Relationships

Colorist Society International is committed to building and fostering a strong relationship between the Colorist and the Cinematographer.

CSI has a worldwide membership base that includes the best colorists working in motion pictures and television. And this includes working with the best Cinematographers in the business.

CSI leadership has been busy reaching out to the four major Cinematographer Societies on behalf of its membership: American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), British Society of Cinematographers (BSC), Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC), and the Australian Society of Cinematographers (ACS).

Response from the Cinematographer Societies contacted thus far has been very encouraging. The Societies are very interested in building a stronger relationship between the Cinematographer and the Colorist.

The CSI supports the public acknowledgment at Awards season of the creative role colorists have played in helping the Cinematographer enhance the images enjoyed by millions of moviegoers and television viewers.

CSI membership supports this effort, and is committed to establishing a closer working relationship with the many Cinematographers we all work with.


Don't Stamp On My Images

Warren Eagles, CSI, talks about the unique artistic relationship that exists between the Cinematographer and the Colorist.

From his experience in the chair, and from years of working with the top Cinematographers in the business, Warren provides five things he believes all colorists can do to help improve our relationship.

Read more about Warren’s Top 5 Tips here:

Warren Eagles, CSI

Colorist Podcasts:
Adam Inglis & Vanessa Taylor

Josh Petok, CSI, talks with Adam Inglis in the June Colorist Podcast about his work as colorist for the feature films Sherlock Holmes, Alien vs Predator, and Mr. Turner.

Josh Petok, CSI (left), talks with Adam Inglis about his feature film work in the June Colorist Podcast.

Adam was one of the first users of Baselight, when it was previously known as “Film Grader.” It was used internally at CFC in London when finishing the claymation feature Chicken Run.

Listen to the full interview here:

For the July Colorist Podcast, veteran Colorist Vanessa Taylor (The Great Gatsby and Lady Macbeth) talks with Josh Petok, CSI, about her 20-year experience in the industry, how she got her start working on the Quantel Henry as an Online Editor, and moved on to the DI department at Park Road Post.

“The hardest thing was to break that catch-22: ‘you can’t get a film until you’ve done a film.’ And having worked on big studio films helps productions realize you’re more than capable of handling the work.“ 

Listen in on the conversation between Vanessa and Josh at:

In the July Colorist Podcast, Josh Petok, CSI talks with Vanessa Taylor about her 20-year experience in the industry,

Understanding ACES

If you weren't there, you can now watch the NAB2017 panel discussion about the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) throughout the lifecycle of a motion picture or television show from production to post-production.

Featured speakers include Andy Maltz, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences; Bobby Maruvada, DIT/Colorist; Mark Weingartner, ASC; Jim Wicks, Colorist Society International; and Theo Van De Sande, ASC.

Watch the full presentation online here:

Free CSI Leader Downloads

A big thank you to Marc Weilage and his brother for putting together two excellent CSI branded digital countdown leader clips. For those times when nostalgia gets the better of you. Available from the Download page at

HPA Tech Retreat UK

It’s that time of year again. The HPA Tech Retreat UK is set for July 11-13 in Oxfordshire. Three days of connections, questions, and understanding.

In addition to cutting edge topical stories this year, we expect a strong showing of HDR and VR. Kevin Shaw will be hosting a CSI breakfast roundtable on Thursday morning.

The HPA is an excellent resource, and one of the few organizations to recognize colorists with its own award ceremony. This year’s Colorist nominations are open until July 10.

More information registration is available online here:  

ARRI Training Class for Colorists

If you can make plans to visit Munich, Germany next month, ARRI is holding a two-day training course for Colorists, Cinematographers, and DITs on August 9 and 10.

The course covers the most important aspects of color science, and will, according to ARRI, give you a deeper understanding of the possible interactions of light, object color, and camera.

Registration and details are available online here:

Getting Credit

Shawn Pinner, CSI received onscreen credit for the documentary, Vilna Holocaust Escape Tunnel, by NOVA that aired on PBS.

Yoram Tal, CSI received onscreen credit for his color work on the reality Fox television series, American Grit.

Josh Petok, CSI received onscreen credit for his color work on MTV's Fear Factor.

Congratulations Shawn, Yoram, and Josh.

Credit Where It Is Due

Dick Hobbs is a leading commentator and consultant on media technology with more than 30 years experience in the industry. When Dick talks, people listen. At the invitation of CSI, Dick has written an op-ed piece that every colorist should read; think about, and forward on social media.

From the very first, I developed a huge respect for colorists. It is a hugely complex job, yet at the same time completely aesthetic.

So why don’t colorists have their names above the titles?

Of course all those names on the credits have made a real, practical and often creative contribution to the movie. But very few have painstakingly crafted every single frame of the film. Colorists have.

Read the rest of the story online here:

CSI Forums

Don’t forget there are two CSI forums.

If you are an associate or alliance member, the forum is a great place to ask questions or discuss things out of public view. There are some good forums out there, but sometimes it is better to discuss things among ourselves. Most recently, Roel Videler posted some helpful resources to the Associate forum. The main thread on the full member forum is a discussion on our goals and how to get there.

Both Member areas have exclusive CSI discounts, software suggestions, and download pages. If you have something to share, or something you are looking for use the forums or send it to

As always, we appreciate our sponsors (and hope to add more to the list).
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If you have news, photos, projects your working on, etc. that you would like to share with your CSI fellow members in future newsletters – send us an email at with all the details.

Happy Grading!

Best, Jim and Kevin

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