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CSI March 2017 Member Newsletter
March 2017

Dolby is now a Friend of CSI

As Colorist Society International approaches its first anniversary, we are very proud to announce that Dolby has joined a stellar list of Corporate Sponsors of CSI. Dolby is now listed on the CSI website under the banner, Friends of CSI along with Flanders Scientific and Blackmagic Design.

Robert Carroll, Dolby’s Senior Director, Content Solutions, said, “Dolby recognizes that Colorist Society International is much needed and long overdue. We are supporting them in a variety of ways and share their goal to further the craft”.

CSI co-founders, Kevin Shaw and Jim Wicks welcomed the news enthusiastically. Shaw noted that Dolby is offering international resources as well as financial support. Said Shaw, “the resources and advice we get from Dolby are going to have a huge impact on our membership, and our ability to develop and grow.”



CSI is a sponsor of the 5th Annual Colorist Mixer. If you are a colorist, and you are attending NAB2017 – the Mixer is the place to be.

Colorist Mixer tickets go on sale Sunday, March 12.

This year’s Mixer is going right to the top. It will be held in the AirBar on the 108th floor of the Stratosphere overlooking the bright lights of Las Vegas. Doors open at 7pm local time. Come meet old friends, and make new ones.

Meet and share a beer with the people that create the software and tools that we use everyday. And get a chance to win prizes from the best of the color industry.

More information, including details about tickets, here:

Dolby, the newest Friend of CSI, has kindly provided CSI with a space at their booth for the last hour of each day.

If you would like to know more about CSI, have suggestions or just want to discuss the show come and meet Jim and Kevin at the Dolby booth.  Kevin is guest presenter, so get there early to see his Dolby Vision presentation too.


Meet CSI's Kevin Shaw (left) and Jim Wicks (right) at NAB and The Colorist Mixer,
to be held at the Stratosphere.


The Colorist


Colour Science & Math
for D-cinema/UHD

Our names are buried deep in the long list of film credits, and our names and contributions to Oscar nominated motion pictures are rarely if ever talked about in acceptance speeches. But you can be sure of one thing: Colorist Society International is working to change all that.

CSI was formed with the deeply held belief to help give a voice to the colorist, just as there is recognition for our colleagues in the fields of editing, sound mixing, sound editing, and cinematography.

For now, though, we must be content to read in silence the names of the colorists who helped co-author the beautiful images for the motion pictures nominated for Best Picture, and Best Cinematography.

You can read the list here in silence. For now. But not in silence for long.


Getting Credit

Rebecca Goodeve, CSI

Rebecca emailed us to say, "I'm currently grading a feature, Making Noise Quietly,which I think will be the first feature (that isn't a documentary) that I've actually caught them before they've already done the credits to make sure they've got the CSI in there." Congratulations Rebecca!


IMDbPro Discount for All CSI Members

As part of the IMDbPro Affiliate Program, all members of Colorist Society International (CSI) receive 25% off their IMDbPro membership.

To take advantage of this offer, go to  Enter your email address and the promotional code.

To get the Mixing Light discount code, log into the CSI website, and look for the discount page under the Full Members and Alliance & Associates Menu dropdowns. If you have not completed your registration – now is the time to do so. The IMDbPro discount is available to all CSI members.

Please note: offers may not be combined and entering a new promo code will override any existing discount that has been applied to your account.  Promotional discounts will be applied at the start of your next billing cycle. This offer is limited to members of CSI and is non-transferable.


IMDbPro Recognition for Work Performed by CSI Colorists

IMDbPro, the leading information resource for the entertainment industry, has expanded its Guild Affiliations page to include professional digital colorists who are members of Colorist Society International (CSI).

This means that all CSI Full Members who work on productions listed at IMDb can now choose their CSI designation at the Guild Affiliations page of IMDbPro. This is reserved for CSI Full Members only.

Said CSI co-founder Jim Wicks, “CSI represents a unified voice for the professional colorist in the film and digital entertainment industry. The partnership with IMDb further solidifies and promotes our craft within the industry.”


ICA Open Class Discount
for CSI Members 

Instructors with the International Colorist Academy ( offer discounts to all CSI Members on open classes (not online, or private).

To get your discount on ICA open classes make sure you request the discount when registering.

Full Members receive a 10% discount. Associates and Alliance Members receive a 5% discount.


Following his sold-out talk on Colour Pipeline last year, internationally renowned colour scientist Charles Poynton, CSI, joins the UK Screen Alliance for a         Charles Poynton, CSI
presentation on Colour
Science & Math for D-cinema/UHD.

High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut technologies are now being deployed; development and standardization continues. These technologies make colour appearance theory & practice critically important in content production, post-production, distribution, and consumer presentation.

This 1-day advanced seminar, will be a deep-dive into the theory of classical colourimetry, colour appearance modeling, and colour image coding math; then we’ll address various topics and questions relating to this.

Attendees will be expected to have knowledge & experience in classical colourimetry, and significant experience in d-cinema and/or HD/UHD production. There will be math! The event will be interactive; we’ll explore issues of the audience members.

Monday 20th March 0930-1730

At MPC, 127 Wardour Street, London

There’s a 10% discount for CSI members using this link:


Colorist Podcast: Peter Doyle

Josh Petok, CSI, talks one on one with Technicolor’s Supervising Colorist, Peter Doyle.

Peter is one of the film industry’s most distinguished supervising digital colorists, having handled digital color grading on the industry’s two largest     Josh Petok, CSI
franchises in movie history, The Lord
of the Rings
trilogy; and the last six Harry Potter films. He has also color-graded eight of the 30 highest-grossing films of all time.

Peter talks with Josh about the changing role of the colorist, and how he approaches multiple deliveries for today's huge variety of display formats.

        Peter Doyle


Irwin Young: Film Processing History
and Color Blindness

Mitch Jacobson, Alliance member of CSI, is a New York City-based editor/colorist. He is the owner of Category Five Studios and author of Mastering Multicamera Techniques (Focal Press).

Mitch Jacobson

Mitch recently talked with the legendary Irwin W. Young, the 90 year-old owner and chairman of DuArt Media Services. Irwin is a pioneering film innovator, angel-to-the-artists, and an expert in his field – and he is colorblind.

“Being colorblind made me very attuned to black and white images in the area of contrast and how it looked or if there were any defects or problems in the film. Because I had this handicap, I was excellent. I had an advantage in my training because I didn’t have the color                  Irwin W. Young
and my eyes are more            Owner & Chairman
perceptive to neutral             DuArt Media Services

Read more about Irwin and the early days of color timing, lab processing, and here.


Flanders Scientific 5% Discount
for CSI Members

Flanders Scientific, a key corporate sponsor of Colorist Society International, is offering a unique discount to all members of CSI.

Bram Desmet, CEO and General Manager said: “Members of Colorist Society International may use the exclusive discount code at or This will entitle them to a 5% discount on any 1 item per year.

To get the 2017 FSI discount code, log into the CSI website, and look for the discount page under the Full Members and Alliance & Associates Menu dropdowns. If you have not completed your registration – now is the time to do so. The FSI discount is available to all CSI members.

CSI members need to ensure they only have a single item in the cart and apply the coupon to that. If you want to order accessories with the item you just need to place a separate order. FSI can still consolidate the shipment to save on shipping costs. If you have any questions – call or email FSI.


Mixing Light Discount for CSI Members

Training with the best helps you be the best—for your clients and bosses. With that in mind, your colleagues at have an exclusive offer for their fellow CSI members.

CSI Full Members can save 32% on annual subscriptions. CSI Associates can save 24% on quarterly subscriptions.

To get the Mixing Light discount code, log into the CSI website, and look for the discount page under the Full Members and Alliance & Associates Menu dropdowns. If you have not completed your registration – now is the time to do so. The Mixing Light discount is only available to CSI members. is the professional colorist-training site. The site delivers weekly insights to a growing community of international color grading pros. Your discounted subscription gets you full access to their ever-growing Library of articles, podcasts and videos. And once signed up, you’ll get additional member-exclusive discounts to their stand-alone training titles.

What will you learn? currently has an ongoing ACES series that digs deep into the pipeline. They have another active series on breaking down commercial looks. Plus they’ve started another series on conforming an XML using an original short film they’ve recently produced.


Friends of CSI

As always, we appreciate our sponsors (and hope to add more to the list). Click on their logo to check out their offerings.



If you have news, photos, projects your working on, etc. that you would like to share with your CSI fellow members in future newsletters – send us an email at with all the details.

Happy Grading!

Best, Jim and Kevin

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