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June 2018

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Fix it in Post

Ben Allan, CSI is an award-winning cinematographer, producer and colorist with over twenty five years industry experience. With his background in both shooting and post Ben explores the line between shooting and grading.

Read the full article here.

BSC Expo HDR Seminar

At the BSC Expo in London earlier this year there was a presentation on HDR by CSI President Kevin Shaw followed by a panel discussion with experiences from cinematographers and colorists. The uncut seminar is now available online here and the HDR images shown on the day have been replaced with tone mapped substitutes for clarity.

Awards Committee

The CSI Awards Committee has begun its epic journey towards our inaugural event. The responsibilities have been shared out and the following officers appointed (in no order of importance):

Judging Officer:
John Tariot

Communications Officer:
Charles Haine

Submissions Officer:
Scott Stacy

Website Officer:
Donald Freeman

International Relations Officer:
Pascal Nowak

You can contact the committee at or CSI members can post directly to the forum thread.

On-Screen Credits

Nikola Stefanovic, CSI is a colorist at MPC Shanghai. He worked on the Serbian feature film “Ederlezi Rising” and managed to get his name listed among the other authors in the intro credits. (See the credit sequence by clicking here.)

Congratulations Nikola. Here is his credit and some stills from this gorgeous looking movie.(Click here to see the trailer note that it contains mature content.)

CSI T-Shirt Competition
Just two weeks before the closing date. Entries must be sent by email to and include your name, email address, telephone number and physical address for shipping of the prize - a BMD Smartscope Duo). You can find the official CSI logo here or you can use your own CSI design.

Click here for full details.

Sponsor Notes

FSI are now taking orders for the XM310K. This is the first commercially available reference monitor to offer 3000 nits and is, naturally, Dolby Vision approved. CSI members should think of claiming their discount about now!

BMD have just released Resolve 15 beta 5. Remember, this update adds an integrated Fusion page, plus a host of new features and enhancements including a LUT browser, multiple playheads, and a software version of the Dolby Vision CMU.


Filmconvert have released a new camera profile for the Sony A7III, which has been a surprise hit for the videographer crowd. The camera can shoot UHD 4K at 30fps using a full frame sensor. Click here for details.

ACES adds new companies to Logo Program

Six new companies have been added to the ACES Logo Program. Membership in the program signals that the companies are committed to implementing ACES into their hardware and software products in conformance with program specifications for consistency and quality. The growing support and continued development of the system is a welcome collaboration in an otherwise competitive industry.


Dolby held the first DolbyVision HDR event at Dolby London. The day featured three sessions for different professional groups, culminating in the colorist session at the end of the day. Kevin Shaw, CSI and Tom Urbye supported host Ian Lowe with presentations and HDR content. Most colorists stayed for the special screening of “Ready Player One” in the Dolby Cinema mastered for Dolby Vision and Atmos.

CSI Forums

CSI aims to present a unified voice from the colorist community to our fellow professionals and to achieve that we need the privacy of the CSI Forum to discuss matters among ourselves.

The CSI Forum is open to Full, Alliance, Associate, and Corporate members. Check it out now, or if you are not already a member, join us.

If you have something to share, or something you are looking for use the forums or send a request to

CSI Members please note that our web pages are very image related. To be considered as a featured colorist you need to add a profile image of yourself or a poster of your work. If you have credits with the CSI suffix, posters, or high resolution stills of your work, please forward them to  for inclusion in a newsletter or on the website.


As always, we appreciate our sponsors (and hope to add more to the list).
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Divergent Media   Black Magic Design   Dolby

Film Convert    Flanders Scientific

Grass Valley Group    ACES


If you have news, photos, projects your working on, or something else you would like to share with your fellow CSI members in future newsletters, please send us an email at with all the details.

Happy Grading!

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