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CSI February 2017 Member Newsletter
February 2017

ASC Spotlight Award

Margus Voll, CSI, emailed us with this in the subject line, “Time To Be a Bit Proud.”

“The film I color graded received the ASC Spotlight Award,” wrote Margus. “Maybe it is important, as well, for Colorist Society International.” Most definitely.

‘House of Others’ (IMDb) was directed by Russudan Glurjidze and lensed by cinematographer Gorka Gómez Andreu, ASC.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote about it, and you can read the story here:

          Margus Voll, CSI

Margus has also posted a link to it on his company’s Facebook page:

Time to be a bit proud? We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations Margus!


Colorist Podcast: Dale Grahn, CSI

The Academy Awards nominations have been released, and once again the role of the colorist has been overlooked. It didn’t go unnoticed by CSI Fellow Dale Grahn who has a lot to say about the role of the colorist and color timer at awards season.

“It’s really essential that color timing, digital or otherwise, be recognized as an art form and should be part of the Academy,” says Dale.

Dale, a veteran color timer on films such as Toy Story, Gladiator, and Saving Private Ryan, has a lot to say about awards, the craft of color timing, and the original meaning of the term, 'color grading'.

“I can’t imagine how they can justify giving sound editors credit and academy awards, but according to the academy color doesn’t mean anything.”
                                                                                                           CSI Fellow Dale Grahn

Dale, who was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Colorist Society International, talks exclusively with Josh Petok in the latest episode of The Colorist Podcast. You can listen to the Podcast here:

Colorist Society International, along with, is a proud co-sponsor of The Colorist Podcast. Josh’s work is a great asset to the color community, and worth supporting. And the fact that Josh is one heck of a nice guy is a bonus to everyone.

    Josh Petok, The Colorist Podcast

Taming the Outback



Digital Media World gives Aussie colorist Deidre McClellan, CSI, a nice write up on her workflow on the film, ‘True Blue.’

“McClelland cites careful use of Color Boost in DaVinci Resolve Studio’s Color Match palette as a great way to get the most out of the colors of the outback.”

The film, shot on ARRI Alexa and RED Epic, work within the authentic color palette of the region where the film was shot.

Dee McClelland, CSI

Says Dee, “With so many different looks to define and keep track of, this ability to create several versions and display them on the screen for the client to assess was a great help.”

You can read more about Dee and her workflow here:

It is good to be recognized for the work we do and the craft we bring to the projects we work on.


IMDbPro Discount for All CSI Members

As part of the IMDbPro Affiliate Program, all members of Colorist Society International (CSI) receive 25% off their IMDbPro membership.

To take advantage of this offer, go to  Enter your email address and the promotional code.

To get the Mixing Light discount code, log into the CSI website, and look for the discount page under the Full Members and Alliance & Associates Menu dropdowns. If you have not completed your registration – now is the time to do so. The IMDbPro discount is available to all CSI members.

Please note: offers may not be combined and entering a new promo code will override any existing discount that has been applied to your account.  Promotional discounts will be applied at the start of your next billing cycle. This offer is limited to members of CSI and is non-transferable.


IMDbPro Recognition for Work Performed by CSI Colorists

IMDbPro, the leading information resource for the entertainment industry, has expanded its Guild Affiliations page to include professional digital colorists who are members of Colorist Society International (CSI).

This means that all CSI Full Members who work on productions listed at IMDb can now choose their CSI designation at the Guild Affiliations page of IMDbPro. This is reserved for CSI Full Members only.

Said CSI co-founder Jim Wicks, “CSI represents a unified voice for the professional colorist in the film and digital entertainment industry. The partnership with IMDb further solidifies and promotes our craft within the industry.”

A CSI committee was formed with the idea of preparing language and core ideas to be used in legal and contract documents to help colorists with their clients.

Dario Bigi, Marc Wielage, and Josh Petok, all CSI Full Members, are working together, and will submit their results to the leadership.

If you are currently using any legal or contract documents in your business with clients and would like to share them as samples for the committee to consider - email them to:


NAB2017 and The Colorist Mixer

It’s that time of year again.

NAB2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 22 – April 27, 2017. If you haven’t registered, you should do so soon:

Kevin Shaw and myself will be attending NAB, and we have a number of events lined up. Stay tuned to upcoming newsletters, and email blasts for more details.

Again this year, Colorist Society International is one of the sponsors of The Colorist Mixer. If you are a colorist, and you are going to be attending NAB – the Mixer is the place to be.

This year’s mixer is going right to the top. It will be held at the Stratosphere overlooking the bright lights and excitement of the Entertainment Capital of the World aka Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more information and details on how to sign up for tickets.


Meet CSI's Jim Wicks (left) and Kevin Shaw (right) at NAB and The Colorist Mixer, to be held at the Stratosphere.


High Dynamic Range 

(HDR): An Introduction

On January 25th Director of Photography John Hoare and Colorist Kevin Shaw, CSI, presented a seminar to the Guild of Television Cameramen (GTC) on HDR at London’s Dolby Preview Theatre.

The whole seminar was videotaped and will be posted online soon, However, until it is, you can get a flavor of what was discussed from Kevin’s article, which is posted online. The article is part one of a three-part series. You can read part one in the series, here:

During the three hour seminar, more than 60 cinematographers and colorists saw firsthand the difference between clips shown on a DCI projector and a Dolby Vision HDR laser projector.

We’ll update the CSI membership when the video is posted online, and where to see it.


Friends of CSI

As always, we appreciate our sponsors (and hope to add more to the list). Click on their logo to check out their offerings.



If you have news, photos, projects your working on, etc. that you would like to share with your CSI fellow members in future newsletters – send us an email at with all the details.

Happy Grading!

Best, Jim and Kevin

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