2017 Newsletters

January 2018Colorist Awards Outline, Role of the Colorist, Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, Podcast Year in Review, Contracts for Freelance Colorists

December 2017: Colorist Awards Proposal, Dolby Vision HDR, Andy Minuth - CSI to FilmLight, The CSI Member Forum,  FilmConvert to Friends of CSI, The Blackmagic Effect, Colorist Podcast: Patrick Woodard CSI, Getting Credit

November 2017: IMDbPro discount for all CSI members, Flanders Scientific Discount for CSI Members, Colorist Podcast: Bob Festa CSI

October 2017: ACES Joins Friends of CSI, IBC Colorist Mixer, HPA Awards, Colorist Podcast Part 2: Alexis Van Hurkman CSI, FinalColor Test Patterns

September 2017: IBC, Colorist Mixer, The Stunning Evolution of Color in Film, Alone in the Room by Dick Hobbs, Colorist Podcast by Alexis van Hurkman

August 2017: What Do We Mean When We Say HDR?, Colorist Podcast by Juan Ignacio, A Little Something for Your Birthday, Ibiza Music Video Festival

Summer 2017: Snell Advanced Media Supports CSI, Cinematographers & Colorists: Building Relationships, Don't Stamp On My Images, Colorist Podcasts by Adam Inglis and Vanessa Taylor

May 2017: Divergent Media Supports CSI, How Long Does It Take To Color Grade A Video?, NAB2017 Roundup

April 2017: Colorist Podcast by Warren Eagles, IMDbPro Colorist Affiliation,  CSI Member Discounts

March 2017: Dolby Supports CSI, CSI at NAB, Oscars and the Colorist, Color Science and Math for D-Cinema/UHD, Colorist Podcast by Peter Doyle, Irwin Young on Film Processing History and Color Blindness, IMDbPro Discount for All CSI Members

February 2017: ASC Spotlight Award, Colorist Podcast by Dale Grahn, Taming the Outback

January 2017: Must-Have Colorist Apps & Utilities, IMDbPro Recognition for Work Performed by CSI Colorists, Equipment & Training Discounts for CSI Members, Dolby Vision Event in Los Angeles, ICA Open Class Discounts for CSI Members

2016 Newsletters

December 2016: IMDbPro Recognition for Work Performed by CSI Colorists, Dolby HDR Seminar in London

November 2016: Is "Color Timing" A True Form of Art? Part 2, Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 12.5.3 Update, True Colors

October 2016: Is "Color Timing" A True Form of Art? Part 1, Charles Poynton Seminar in London, CSI On-Screen Credit Reminder - C.S.I. or CSI?, SMPTE Centennial Gala

September 2016: The IBC2016 Colorist Mixer, CSI's Newest & Youngest Member, Meet the Colorist, Friends of CSI

August 2016: Charles Poynton Named CSI Fellow, IMDb Update on CSI Affiliation, On Screen Credits, IBC Colorist Mixer, Spec Sheets & Contracts

July 2016: It's Your Society...and Your Newsletter, IMDb, Screen Credit, Social Media, etc...


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