International Colorist Academy

The International Colorist Academy (ICA) was founded in 2009 by CSI colorists, Kevin Shaw and Warren Eagles and now boasts 12 freelance colorists who have pooled their valuable experience in grading Commercials, DI, music and Drama projects as well as DIT and color science knowledge, to create hands on colorist training courses. website

Mixing Light

At Mixing Light that concept is literally in our DNA—we’re three professional colorists who present a variety of opinions, personalities and insights. What are our specialties? Robbie grades tons of broadcast, docs and political programming, Dan is heavy into music videos and short form, Patrick specializes in indie features, broadcast and docs.All of us have been training others in the craft of color correction for many years – with books, seminars, videos, trade shows and one-on-one. Between the three of us we’ve helped thousands find their way through color correction. website

Colorist Society International Is A Registered 501(C)(6) Non Profit Professional Association © 2017

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