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Q: What is the Colorist Society?

A: The Colorist Society is the first professional society to represent motion picture and television colorists as a unified voice for the film and digital entertainment industry. The Society promotes the creative art and science of color grading, restoration and finishing and is dedicated to advancing the art of color correction and color grading in the production of motion pictures and television. The Colorist Society is not a union or guild, but an honorary association. 

Q: What does the Colorist Society do?

The Colorist Society seeks to increase the entertainment value of film and digital projects by attaining artistic pre-eminence and scientific achievement in the creative art of color; and to bring into close alliance those color artists who desire to advance the prestige and dignity of the color profession.

Q: Who can join?

A: Full Membership is open to professional colorists, editor/colorists, DITs, telecine operators, color timers, DI finishers, restoration artists and color scientists with a minimum of 3 years verifiable work. There are separate categories for Friends of the Colorist Society (companies that work with the core membership), Alliance Members (for professionals with a vested interest in the colorist profession, such as cinematographers, directors, producers), and Associate Members (for students and newcomers). Each level has different privileges.

Q: What are the membership levels?

  • Associate Member - Open to students and new professionals who have not yet qualified for full Membership. 
  • Alliance Member - Open to Cinematographers, Producers, Directors, Editors and others that are not represented as "colorists" but who have an interest in working with or communicating with the colorist community. 
  • Friends of the Colorist Society - Open to companies that wish contribute to the Colorist Society International. These companies typically share an interest in furthering the art of digital grading and finishing. 
  • Full Member - Open to all professional colorists, editor/colorists, DITs, telecine operators, color timers, DI finishers, restoration artists and color scientists with a minimum of 3 years verifiable work. Full Membership requires two Full Member references, or one Full Member plus a paying client or employer reference. 
  • Fellow - is a level reserved for those that have contributed significantly to our profession and are instrumental to the success of the Colorist Society.

Q: What does Colorist Society Membership cost?

  • Associate Member - $50 USD per year
  • Alliance Member - $75 USD per year
  • Corporate Sponsor - on request
  • Full Member - $120 USD per year
  • Fellow - by invitation only

Q: Where does the money go?

The Colorist Society is a non profit organization. The income from memberships and sponsors is re-invested in the organization to pay for the resources needed to run it, and to further our membership's causes.  Full members are able to propose and prioritize the causes and we expect they will assist when and where they can. The Colorist Society is all about a unified voice for professional colorists, we are all ambassadors. There are many more benefits to the membership that provide more immediate value for the fee.

Q: How do I join the Colorist Society?

A. Full Membership is a two step process. Applications go through an approval , and once approved you pay the membership fee to complete the enrollment. First, register using the Member Application link at Join Us and complete the mandatory fields. The form will ask for two existing Full Members or Fellows to support the application. The list of Full Members is online here. Once your application is approved you will be invoiced, pay the $120 fee online and you have immediate access to the Members only areas and benefits.  

The references are there to maintain the professional standing of the Colorist Society, which is imperative if we are to achieve our ambitions. They are not to meant to exclude anyone making a living as a colorist, DIT, telecine operator, color timer, finisher, restoration artist, or color scientist. In the event you do not have a Colorist Society sponsor you can provide documentation to prove that you qualify as a professional. Suggested documentation includes at least two of the following:

  • Reference from employer if an employee, on company letterhead
  • Certificate of company incorporation if owner
  • Reference from paying client on company letterhead
  • IMDB credits
  • Other published credits or press
Associate and Alliance registration is a simple process of selecting the correct level on the Join Us page completing the form and paying the fee. Associate and Alliance members can upgrade their membership level one they establish the professional colorist qualification.

Q: How is the Colorist Society different from existing mailing lists and forums?

There are some excellent mailing lists, forums, and blogs around and many of us at the Society read them regularly. However, none of them offer representation, events, benefits or accreditation. The Colorist Society is more like the ASC for cinematographers or the ACE for editors.

The Colorist Society actively represents a unified voice for professional colorists in the film and digital entertainment industry, and promotes the creative art and science of color grading, restoration, and finishing. We are dedicated to advancing the craft, education, and public awareness of the art and science of color grading and color correction and we expect to achieve changes. For example, the Colorist Society accreditation is the first to identify professional colorists as such.

Colorist Society International Inc is a registered 501(C)(6) non profit professional association © 2022

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