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CSI Asks Members to Take Part in Annual Colorist Salary Survey

28 June 2021 12:39 | Anonymous

CSI encourages its members at every career stage to participate in the Colorist Salary Survey currently being conducted by Berlin-based The organization, which includes officers of CSI’s German Chapter, are collecting data anonymously on compensation, employment status, job satisfaction, gender and other factors. Access to accurate, broad-based salary information is essential to colorists in assessing their personal situations, professional affiliations and career aspirations. That’s why it’s important for as many colorists as possible to take part. Greater participation means more accurate and informative results.

The organizers of have published results of an earlier survey from 2019. It covered employment status, experience, working hours, work outside color grading, income and salaries, and other topics. The results are revealing and highlight variations in status, compensation and working conditions among practitioners of our craft. The results were drawn from more than 300 respondents and 50 countries. We congratulate the organizers on a job well done.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the work being done by is more vital than ever. Their current survey will help all of us better understand how the industry is recovering and how our colleagues are faring.

The group’s 2019 survey is available for free download here. To take part in this year’s survey, please follow this link. Again, responses are strictly anonymous.

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