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CSI Sponsor Hedge Introduces New and Updated Workflow Tools at NAB

17 May 2023 11:39 | Anonymous

A CSI sponsor for the past three years, Hedge has attracted a growing user base for its innovative workflow solutions that address such disparate tasks as backup and archiving of camera media, camera reports, transcoding, editing in the cloud, bin locking, media storage and more. Colorists may be familiar with its product ScopeBox, used for generating scopes without hardware.

At this year s NAB Show, Hedge made several announcements related to its product line, including the renaming of Hedge, its flagship application for offloading camera media. It s now known as OffShoot. The company offers three versions of OffShoot, an entry level version, simply called OffShoot, for copying files quickly and securely; OffShoot Pro, which adds scripting, a preset builder, clip review, and Codex 7 support for Alexa 35; and OffShoot iPad, for mobile users. OffShoot and OffShoot Pro will offer integration with iconik, a popular hybrid cloud asset management solution that allows users to copy cards and send media straight to iconik for cataloguing, archiving, and sharing. OffShoot Pro will include Amazon S3 integration so that users can link their offload workflow to broader initiatives within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Hedge announced the launch of Connect 3.0, a tool for push notifications, and improvements to Mimiq Pro, Canister and EditReady. The just-released FoolCat, version 23.1, with an in-house built media engine, offers accelerated performance with processing speeds up to 3x faster than previous versions. It also adds support for Sony X-OCN, Phantom RAW, ProRes RAW, and Canon Raw Light (CRM) codecs, and ARRI Alexa 35, Sony FX3, RED V-Raptor XL and other cameras. A new version of PostLab, which facilitates editing in the cloud, is on the way.

Hedge offers a focused array of complementary products that have established our reputation for innovation across the production ecosystem,” says Hedge CEO Paul Matthijs. We are committed to investing in new technologies that can be used our across our suite of applications to help professionals work better and accomplish more.”

Hedge sees its sponsorship of Colorist Society as a core part of its mission. "We are very happy to partner with the Colorist Society” observes Matthijs. “At Hedge, we’ve always understood the vital role colorists have in post-production, and the Society’s goal of increasing awareness and offering education is something we can only proudly support."

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