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Pixelview: Making Remote Sessions Easier and Less Expensive

03 June 2024 10:30 | Anonymous

A new sponsor of Colorist Society, is a developer of a remote collaboration platform designed with colorists in mind. Along with innovative tools for sharing grading sessions, Pixelview offers the benefit of being super simple to use. Sessions are streamed via a proprietary encoder plugged into a reference monitor. Options for capture cards and software streaming are also available.

On the client side, it’s even easier. Stakeholders can join a session via a link or QR code. From there, the user experience is intuitive. Clients can view sessions through a web browser or app and communicate with the colorist through video or text chat. Other features include on-screen annotation, screen sharing and personalized branding. Better color accuracy can be achieved by a separate app. Sessions are encrypted to keep assets safe.

One more point: Pixelview is affordable. A plan supporting up to five concurrent viewers costs $175 per month.

Founder Max Stromberg began developing Pixelview during covid. A colorist himself, he was frustrated with the complexity and high cost of collaboration solutions. “Our aim is to eliminate technical challenges so that creative people can be creative,” he explains. “We make it easy to set up, log in and watch streams. Simplicity is our main selling point.”

Max and his team continue to develop Pixelview. They recently added a new, streamlined user interface. Currently, they are looking to upgrade security through TPN certification and improved watermarking and login protocols.

Citing the popularity of remote and hybrid work, Max says his user base is growing. “As covid waned, I thought things would go back to the way they were,” he observes. “But it hasn’t. People have gotten used to working remotely, and often prefer it because they can get more done.”

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